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If you're using my blog to get an idea of what to wear on a trip up here, I have a few tips for navigating.

Under each post you'll see tags. I have the major categories on the sidebar but it's broken down even further in the post tags. The season tags (spring, summer, etc) are by calendar, not weather. This will give you a better idea of what to pack depending on the time you're visiting.

You'll notice that most outfits are "casual". Alaska is ultra, mega casual. It's a huuuuuge state (bigger than two Texases!) and you can't make too many generalizations about such a big place but that's one thing you'll find true from Juneau to Nome. There's one restaurant in Anchorage (that I know of for sure) that has a dress code and that's the Crow's Nest at the Hotel Captain Cook. They require "smart casual" which means no flip flops or shorts or sportswear. And you can't wear hats in the main dining room at 7 Glaciers in Girdwood. Seriously, that's as dressed up as is required here.

I'd love to do some packing posts in the future as as someone who actually lives here but in the meantime I have a few tips:

Layers. Winter or summer. One down layer preferable.
Waterproof boots as Alaska is very boggy. XtraTufs are the preferred boot of Alaskans.
Moisturizer. Despite the bogginess the moisture is sucked out of your skin at an alarming rate.
Mosquito spray (for the spring/summer). They're insane. You won't believe the number of mosquitos even if you think you already live in a mosquito-prone place. Trust me.

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