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Core Capsule Part II

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Since last year I've lost 20 pounds, the last 10 of it very quickly. I won't talk any more about the catalyst (promise!) but it does bring me to a point where suddenly very little of my wardrobe fits. I'm kind of starting over again. Funny enough last year when I first wrote about the core capsule concept I was going through a period where a medication had made me gain weight and I was going through another wardrobe crisis. You don't have to be in a starting over point to use it, but it sure has been a big reason for me!

Why do I call it a "core" capsule instead of just a regular capsule wardrobe? Because this one isn't meant to be your whole closet. I mean, it certainly could be but I love my vintage/contemporary/designer pieces too much to do so. A core capsule are items that all go together (eliminating the "nothing to wear days") and serve as the foundation to not only showcase my more interesting pieces but make them easier to wear in my everyday life.

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So first what I did was figure out where I spend my time. Sounds so easy but I was still dressing a bit for a life where fashion ruled instead of the reality of being a stay-at-home mom in Alaska. I mean, fashion is going to be involved no matter what but it had to start working for me.

So my list looked like:

Hanging out at home
Working Out
Errands/Kids Stuff
Hiking/Outdoors activities
Getting together with friends

From there I can group things together. I can wear basically the same things for errands and hanging out at home. Working out and hiking. Getting together with friends and shopping/eating out. And obviously there's going to be clothing overlap in all three groups but it gives me an idea of what I need in my wardrobe for the life I actually live.

So what does your day to day look like? Which items do you wear over and over again? Why? What items in your closet do you not wear? Why?

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The next step was figuring out a color palette. This one was HUGE for me. But I've learned unless you are an amazing stylist who has the energy every day to pull a totally different look together every day (and I envy you!) it's important to have a cohesive palette for your core wardrobe.

How do you pick out a color palette? Go look in your closet and see what colors you're already drawn to. What colors do you decorate with? Look at the things you pin on Pinterest. Heck, what color is your dream car?

I started with a foundation of the neutrals I like:

Black, brown, white, cream

Then added in the colors I've loved my entire life:

Blue, olive

And then finally some colors that are trendy (to me) and can change as my whims do:

Yellow, pink

Everything I buy I try to fit into this color palette - including my hiking and workout gear. Because then I'm guaranteed outfits that go together. I don't have to hunt down that one thing that's probably in the laundry but it's the only thing that matches that other thing that I was planning to wear today.

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And finally, what's your style?

This one can be tough and hard to pin down. You can try taking a quiz like this one at Style Bee but it's also just easy to imagine yourself in the outfit you feel best in, even if this outfit doesn't exist yet. How do you feel? How do the clothes feel on you? What image do you feel you're projecting?  What would a terrible outfit look like on you? How would you feel? What image would that project?

I tried to get mine down into three words:

Comfortable, chic, and effortless

It's not super specific because neither are the clothes I like to wear. But at the same time it describes how I want to feel, to be perceived. And this description works no matter if I'm on the slopes of a mountain or on the streets of Paris (hey, its going to happen again :) ) Before I make a purchase I ask myself if fits that description, if it's in my color palette, and if it fits into my lifestyle.

If you're still not sure what wardrobe basics you need it might be helpful to look at lists that other people have made.

Hej Doll made a list of a 50 item minimal wardrobe

Or it doesn't even need to be that basic!

Live Love Sara has a packing list for a month in Europe that I think could work
Bonus: She gives 30 outfit ideas using those pieces

Can't you imagine pairing those wardrobe items with different pieces too? The point is that you can use those core pieces to make their own outfits or easily mix them up with other things your drawn to.

Again, all of this could easily apply to an entire wardrobe. If you are just dipping your toes into fashion or would just like a closet with items you actually wear this will also work. Of if you're like me it'll give you a great foundation for those fabulous thrifted and vintage pieces you find along the way!

For part one of the core capsule and more visuals click here.
Other blogs with resources for capsule wardrobes: Into Mind and Un-Fancy

Outfit One
Hat: San Diego Hat Company // Sunglasses: Le Specs (here) // Shirt: J.Crew // Pants: Uniqlo (here) // Sandals: eBay

Outfit Two
Sunglasses: Le Specs (here) // Vest: vintage (I just need to brag that it's down and I got it for 99 cents. See if you can get lucky on Etsy!) // Thermal: vintage // Jeans: Joe's (here) // Boots: XtraTuf (here - I went two sizes down)


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