Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Roundup: Transition

Oh boy, it's been a while. I realize that these posts are a little redundant now that I've started linking the Instagram photos in the sidebar but it's always fun to chat a bit too.

Cardigan: thrifted vintage (check Etsy!) // Leggings: Target (here) // Boots: XtraTuf (here)

Kit and I had a picnic lunch by the Eagle River, enjoying the beautiful weather we've been having. I think I've referenced this before but XtraTuf boots are, like, the official shoe of Alaska. I resisted for over three years but there's a reason they are so popular. They're comfortable, can take a beating, and go with everything. Alaskans of all ages, sexes, socioeconomic backgrounds, doesn't matter - they probably own XtraTufs if they spend much time outdoors. (If you would like to see more ways to wear yours I started a Pinterest board for Alaska Style, including the ubiquitous boots). 

Blouse: thrifted Liz Claiborne (similar here) // Dress: thrifted vintage (in my dreams here) // Purse: Theory (here) // Shoes: Target (here)

My super 90's mom look. Can you smell the Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers?

Coatigan: old (similar here) // Tee: H&M (here) // Necklace: Madewell (here) // Pants: Madewell (similar here) // Purse: DIY (love this one here) // Clogs: thrifted vintage (check Etsy)

Early spring is such an unattractive season here. I mean, we're spoiled the rest of the year so it seems a little greedy to complain. If you're intending on visiting and want to avoid the crowds and the millions of slow-moving motorhomes but still want to enjoy the looooong days and beautiful scenery aim for mid-May. There's some mosquitos but they're the early season ones - large, slow-moving and easy to swat. (I mention mosquitos because planning around them is A Thing here. The June skeeters? They are AWFUL. Tiny, numerous, and their bites itch forrrrreeeeevvvvveeeerrrr. Do not even think about going outside without bug spray. I'm not being cute here either. They can suck up to a pint of blood out of a moose each day.)

Alternatively, September is another time to consider. You'll miss out on the crazy summer nights but the scenery is gorgeous and there are zero bugs to fight off.

How in the heck did I manage to write so much about mosquitos on my style blog?

Jacket: The North Face (here) // Vest: REI Co-op (here) // Leggings: Target (here) // Ice Hikers: Merrell (similar here)

A hiking outfit. I don't think I've ever been so coordinated on the trail in my life. I felt sponsored.

Hat: Madewell (this years version here) // Scarf: thrifted (similar here) // Coat: Patagonia (here) // Shirt: Madewell (similar here) // Leggings: Athleta (here) // Boots: XtraTuf (here)

In my Xtratufs again. Andi is the only one in our family that doesn't have a pair yet. She's actually wearing another popular shoe brand in Alaska - Bogs Boots. We'll probably end up getting her a pair of 'Tufs so we can have a family portrait in our matching shoes. I'm not even kidding. But for winter time it's hard to beat the insulated Bogs for kids that are rated to -30°F! 

Dress: thrifted vintage (try Christy Dawn or Doen for similar) // Purse: thrifted vintage // Sandals: eBay (here) // Earrings: H&M (I like these too)

This is what I'm wearing right now! That's right, I'm typing to you right now from yesterday. Spooky.

Anyways, speaking of FQAD I'm in the midst of a pretty nasty relapse. So nasty I've ended up in an ambulance and the E.R. this week. I went in for some extensive testing to make sure there's nothing new contributing to the misery and I should find out more on Wednesday. It's been a pretty awful 8 days and today was one of the first that I could put on mascara (tremor wasn't so bad) and I got dressed in an okay way (i wasn't stuck in bed). Yay!

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