Sunday, April 9, 2017

Gingham Style

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 Crop Top: ASOS // Tee: Zara (similar here) // Jeans: Mother (here) // Purse: thrifted and DIY (inspiration here) // Shoes: Kelsey Dagger (current version here)

I saw this purse on a slideshow and I wanted it so bad! It's $170 and even though the company that makes it is admirable (it provides artful opportunities around the globe) I couldn't justify the price for how small it is - I already bought a not-very-functional pretty purse. So I strung black pom poms onto black embroidery thread and attached them to a vintage straw bag. Ta da! I'm going to work on the attachment point just a little bit more but I'm so excited how it turned out.

To change the subject a little. . . A few years ago I was prescribed Cipro for a minor ailment and it left me with with a disorder called FQAD (I'll let you guess how we pronounce that in this household).  Anyway, I won't bore you with the sad details but rather the superficial ones. Ha! This is a style blog after all. There is no known cure for FQAD but my doctors prescribed medication to try and alleviate some of the symptoms. Unfortunately all it did was cause me to gain 16 pounds in a very short period of time. I quit the medication February 2016 and verrrrry slowly lost a lot of the weight. Recently I decided to focus on getting the last few pounds off (ugh, I'll workout like a mofo but watching my diet is torture) and I'm happy to say it's working. But then I'm sad to say that this super cute cropped top is already too big. I only got to wear it twice! So this outfit is kind of a "farewell I hardly know ye" type deal. With a bonus smoothie.

I hope you're having a great weekend!

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