Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Jewel Tones

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sorel skhoop winter cozy snow outdoor idea
sorel boots skhoop coat winter cold weather outfit inspiration
sorel boots skhoop coats march anchorage blogger

 Coat: Skhoop (here) // Sweater: Madewell (here) // Tee: Madewell (here) // Pants: H&M (here) // Boots: Sorel (here)

Yes, that's snow falling. Boo. But yay! But mostly boo. Spring snow feelings are complicated.

Spring sales aren't though. I usually wait until spring to buy winter classics, like these Sorel Caribous.  I have a LOT of boots, I admit, but I wanted a pair that was warm, rugged, and slipped on and off easily. The coat was on sale too (apparently a very short-lived one) and it's another practical purchase. Warm but lightweight it can be worn hiking, school pickups, camping, etc. If you're interested in Skhoop follow their Instagram or sign up for their newsletter for sales. If you live in Anchorage they usually have a tent sale every year which is worth battling the crowd to check out.

(I'm not sponsored or anything. Just, you know, four Alaskan winters will make you very enthusiastic about style without sacrificing warmth.)

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