Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Cold Spring

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 Baseball Hat: stolen from Andrew (similar here) // Vest: Penfield (here) // Sweater: Aritzia (here) // Insulated Skirt: The North Face (similar here or here)  // Pants: Athleta (here)  // Boots: Woolrich (in brown here)

We love the Eagle River Nature Center trails. I've had to talk longtime Anchorage residents into visiting because the name makes them picture something entirely different. Like a botanical garden situation. In reality it's a bunch of trails that have an old roadhouse at the trailhead. There are great classes and activities at the actual center so I definitely don't want to discount that but really once you're on the trail it's just like most hikes in the area.

Just to bring it back to style this baseball cap is the only item I've ever been able to borrow from Andrew's closet. He's 6'4" so his clothing on me is less "charmingly oversized" and more "why are you doing that". It is little funny that even with a 9" difference in our heights we have the same head size though. Again, not so much "funny haha" as "I hope this women's hat comes in XL".

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