Monday, January 30, 2017

Blizzard Black Tie

Alaska snow winter formal outfits

Dress: thrifted vintage // Shoes: Prada (metallic version here)

My husband called me on Friday to inform me that we would be attending a black tie ball/charity event the next day. Gulp. If you've followed me for any length of time you know that I rarely get above what I call "elevated casual". The last time I attended anything black tie was in 2010.

So I dug through my collection of vintage dresses with my fingers crossed. I was fully expecting to have to go out and panic dress shop so I was very relieved when I came across this sequined velvet number. This is where I plug looking through formal dress section at the thrift store even if you have no known events on the horizon. You will want to kiss yourself on the mouth later.

No shoes though. I had to go shopping for formal shoes in January during a blizzard in Anchorage, AK. I was not super excited about this even though I normally love shoes. Anchorage has a decent shopping scene but it is super casual and the merchandise reflects that. I first got online and searched Nordstrom by all the shoes in the local store. Most of their evening shoes were better suited to a younger crowd but what were these? I loved these! Holy crap, they're Prada and really expensive and it must be a mistake that they were listed as being available here.

So I hit Second Run (designer consignment) where I found some fantastic shoes but none were in my size. Then Nordstrom just in case I missed something online. Noooope. Then Coach (I was really tempted by these though but I didn't think flats would work well with this dress, and I drooled all over these until Andrew reminded me to focus), and finally Michael Kors. I bought a pair there as backup because they were comfortable and occasion-appropriate (these if you're curious).

We had to go back through Nordstrom to get to the car and Andrew reminded me of those Prada platforms I saw online. I asked the salesperson if they really had them and they did. They were a return that just so happened to be my size. And then of course they were super comfortable and looked great with the dress. Other customers were cheering me on. Andrew really liked them. I really liked them. I tried to tell the weird feeling in my stomach that by not having to buy a dress and shoes I was actually saving money. The lies we tell ourselves, right?

Anyway, that's how it all came together. And how I'm going to have to plan a loooooot of outfits around these shoes.

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