Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Vintage Shearling Magic

 Coat: thrifted vintage (check Etsy!) // Sweater: Aritzia (here) // Tee: Madewell (here or here) // Pants: H&M (here) // Boots: Zara (here)

Since Acne came out with the Velocite jacket a few years ago the shearling coat has been a big trend. I thrifted mine two(? at least?) years ago but have only worn it a handful of times. I'd try to come up with outfits to wear it with but they came out too kooky or veered too far into Penny Lane territory.  As much as I'd love to be Alaska's Carrie Bradshaw and wear whatever wacky combo I come up with A) Anchorage is seriously sartorially conservative, B) I have a husband who is a professional and finally, C) kids who need a mother that can be taken seriously. Okay, fine.

It turns out that I just needed to pair it with my most-loved wardrobe pieces. The white tee I have on there? I've worn 76 times (according to my Stylebook app). The coated skinnies? 48 times (the coating is actually almost all gone!). The sweater was purchased this fall but, I mean, it's a black merino wool sweater in a very flattering cut. Instant classic. So yeah, add a vintage statement coat and BAM! instant outfit maker.

As an aside, my 8-year-old took these photos with an iPhone. My own photography skills with a DSLR look pretty questionable in comparison LOL.

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