Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What Comes Around Goes Around

Jacket: vintage (see below) // T-shirt: Free People (here) // Jeans: H&M (here) // Shoes: vintage (similar here) // Belt: vintage MaxMara // Purse: vintage Chanel (here or or a bargain here) // Bracelet: Kate Spade (here)

 I think this looked better unbelted but I didn't take any pictures of that so I can't prove it to you.

So I'll tell you about my purse instead. I bought it at a consignment shop. I was 75% sure it was fake simply because it was priced at $40. However, the lambskin leather is like butter and the whole thing is extremely well-made. The inside flap even has the interlocking C's in relief, so even if it was a fake it was like the best fake that ever faked. And it was $40 for an incredible vintage purse, logo or not.

So 25% of me carried it around with a maybe? feeling. Maybe it was real? But probably not? And since most of me thought it was probably fake I used the heck out of this purse. Then four years after I bought it I stumbled across the exact same one on Shopbop. For $3,000. I died a bit. Whoops.

But I got to thinking. If I had known it was real thing, would I have enjoyed it nearly as much? Sure, it might still be pristine but it also would have spent a LOT of time on the tippy top shelf of my closet, stuffed with paper and swathed in protective dust bags. I've owned it for 8 years now and with a conservative estimate I've worn it 80 times per year on average. 640 times this purse has carried what's important to me. That's crazy!

So seize the day. Wear the purse/shoes/coat/whatever.

Oh, and since I knew there was a very slim chance of finding something similar to my coat-thingie, I made a little widget with all kinds of attention-grabbing toppers. Won't you window shop with me?

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