Thursday, September 22, 2016

Thrift It - Fall 2016 Trends

This isn't a comprehensive list of all of Fall 2016's trends but they are ones that you might be able to find secondhand!

First up, structured handbags. I wouldn't be sad to see that Gucci one up there under the Christmas tree but this is an easy trend to try out with vintage! A consignment or vintage shop would probably be your best bet but I come across them in thrift stores as well.

Loafers. The loafer mule is really trendy this year but pretty impractical for any kind of inclement autumn weather. Luckily the classic loafer is also in style and completely possible to pick up secondhand. Pair them with cropped denim and a sweater for a cozy fall look.

Dark Florals.  Also pretty easy to thrift florals on a dark background, what's fresh is it's now a trend for fall. In my dreams I would pair them with some embellished Miu Miu sandals but in real life a pair of ankle boots would probably work better. Or how about some velvet boots which brings us to our next trend. . .

Velvet! So, so, SO easy to thrift. The trick is to keep everything else in your outfit very modern.
Maybe a velvet top with ankle flares, a mary jane pump, and the structured handbag?

Any trends you're looking forward to?

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