Monday, September 19, 2016

Berry Picking In Fall Foliage

 Glasses: Quay (here) // Sweater: Aritzia (here) // Shirt: Aritzia (here) // Pants: H&M (they're back! here) // Boots: Bogs (here)

I know I wear these boots constantly but it's rained practically non-stop for the last two months. If we don't get a lot of snow this winter I'm going to be pissed.

This has nothing to do with my outfit, I just feel like sharing. Andrew used to work as a fishing guide in SE Alaska. The tourists would ask a lot of questions because most of them were first-time visitors to the state. Some of them sillier than others; he's been asked more than once what elevation they were at as they fished in the ocean. Um. . .

Andrew makes stuff up if he doesn't know the answer. And he can say the most outrageous stuff and sound completely plausible because he's smart and has a very deadpan delivery. I've fallen victim many times. So one time he was on the ocean in the middle of nowhere when his clients asked what the black speckles were on a cliff. This is what he told them:

Well, about 10 years ago a FedEx plane carrying inkjet cartridges crashed near here. The plane disintegrated in mid-air and those black marks you see are where the cartridges hit the rock. 
 They completely believed him and actually brought the story back to the others. They'd ask him to take them out the island where "that FedEx plane crashed". He eventually came clean and they all had a big laugh. I like to think that the returning guys gave the newbie guide crap the next year for not knowing where the Inkjet Cliffs were. You know, paying it forward and all that.

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