Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Olive Juice

Madewell hat (in brown here) // Jamie & the Jones tee (in umber here or natural here) // Chloe purse (wallet version here)// H&M jeans (here) // Intentionally _____ shoes (here or in orange here)

This spring I've been wearing (and purchasing) a lot of olive green items. It doesn't scream "spring" but then it kind of does? I've been trying to thrift pink items because I looooove green and pink together but I haven't been having much luck. This Ulla Johnson sweater would be in my closet already if I wasn't scared off by the price tag. It's the perfect shade of bubblegum pink without being too precious. Imagine it with green cargo pants? And a tan sandal? Maybe this more affordable White + Warren sweater would do? Of course, the second I give up and purchase something on the wishlist at retail I find it the next time I go thrifting. Murphy's Law and all that.

Ahem. Where was I? The tee I'm wearing in these photos is sold out in this color. They still have the umber color available which would also look really great with pink if you were the daring type. My daring bone has taken a hit here in Alaska. One day I was in Fred Meyer and a small child kept pointing at me and yelling, "That lady's wearing lipstick!" It makes Anchorage sound really weirdly backwoods but there I was, in a huge modern grocery store, getting stared at because I was wearing bright pink lipstick. I mean, if that's a risk here, imagine the implications of going out in public wearing mustard and pink together.

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