Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fringe Addiction

Madewell hat // H&M sweater // Joie pants // thrifted vintage heels // random earrings

I'm not sure I should have blogged this outfit but I'm really proud of how many photos turned out (mostly) in focus! I've been stubbornly only shooting in "manual" mode since the beginning of the year and have been trying to blog through the major learning curve.

For the outfit, I'm kind of obsessed with Ulla Johnson's designs and her lookbooks. I'd buy everything in the collection in a heartbeat if I didn't care about other things like, you know, eating. Or future educations. So I'm making do with what's already in my closet (and maybe saving up for some Ulla Johnson fall/winter items since those get much more wear here in Alaska). These pants are eight years old. They're the ONLY pair of high-waisted pants I've ever liked. Joie has a similar pair out this year and I should go try them on. It'd be nice to have a backup pair!

I have linked similar items below, I went a little crazy with the fringe sweaters since I'm trying to stop any more myself. A little virtual shopping spree if you will.

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