Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Core Capsule

Remember Kendi Everyday's 30x30 challenge? Where you took 30 items and mixed them 30 ways for 30 days? Kendi abandoned the idea years ago but it's become wildly popular again as has the rise of the capsule wardrobe.

In my last post I alluded to the fact that a straight capsule wardrobe isn't the perfect fit for me. I like my "off" pieces too much. You know, the trendy H&M sweater I want to wear three days in a row or the sparkly vintage top that only comes out once a year. I will admit that getting dressed during the capsule challenge was a lot faster (and sometimes easier) when I had a limited amount of things that I liked and were easy to wear together. So I came up with the Core Capsule concept.

 Top: JCrew factory parka* (similar here) // Madewell jacket (here) // thrifted Gap jacket (similar here)
2nd Row: Madewell tees (here or here) // JCrew tee (here)// Aritzia sweater (here) // CP Shades shirt (in a different color here)
3rd Row: Comme des Garçons Play tee (here)  // Edith A. Miller tee (similar here or here)// Madewell flannel (here)// Sandro sweatshirt (men's version here or similar leather accented sweatshirt here)
Bottom Row: H&M jeans (here) // Levi's jeans (here) // H&M jeans (here)// Current/Elliot cropped pants (similar here or here

These are all pieces that fit me well, I feel comfortable in, and they all can be swapped around. So I can pull an outfit together using only these and be guaranteed something I'd feel good in, here's an example using the Comme des Garçons tee with all four of the bottoms:

1. Zara booties (similar here) // 2.  Free People shoes (here) // 3. Ancient Greek Sandals (here, with gold wings here, or a jelly version here!) thrifted tote // 4. Madewell scarf (here), H&M booties (similar here)

Or I can use 1-4 of the Core Capsule pieces and add in other parts of my wardrobe to make more outfits, like these examples:
  1. No. 6 clogs (shop other styles here, or the Rachel Comey's that started it all for me here), Madewell earrings (here), thrifted bag  (fun purses you can feel good about here)// 2. No. 6 clogs (shop other styles here) // 3. vintage clutch, Aritzia sweater (here), Zara booties (similar-ish in black, very cute here) // 4. Free People shoes (here)
1. Tula hat (here), Ancient Greek sandals (here)// 2. H&M leggings (here), Woolrich boots (here, here, or here) // 3. Gucci rain boots (here) // 4. Madewell necklace (here), Marni sandals (check eBay. Man, I love eBay)
1. random hat (similar here), Woolrich boots (here) // 2. Madewell earrings (here), Marni sandals (similar alternative here), Madewell jeans (here) // 3. H&M coat (similar here), La Canadienne boots (here) //4. Madewell scarf (here), Teva sandals (similar here, here, or here)
1. Woolrich boots (here) // 2. thrifted vintage top (similar here), Madewell boots (here) // 3. KSwiss sneakers (here) // 4. oh crap, a duplicate! :) 

This is roughly my spring Core Capsule wardrobe and I hang these items front and center in my closet. I know I always have something easy to grab BUT if I feel like taking some extra time or wearing something else I have a good foundation for that. As you can see this Core Capsule could bring me well into summer, I'm not really setting a time limit or anything. It's just a good way for me to take the capsule wardrobe concept and turn it into something that fits my sartorial life a little better.

Next Core Capsule post I'll tell you how to come up with the core items!

*I wear my jacket without the fur or lining. More like the other Factory jacket I linked to. This is just the only picture I had.

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