Monday, February 29, 2016

An End of 30 for 30

Well. I got a little over halfway through 30 for 30 and there's two things:
  1. Don't include things in a capsule that you don't absolutely loooooove. Don't think that including it will make you like it more, make it fit better, or that forcing yourself to wear it will absolve yourself of the guilt of not liking it. It doesn't work and even if you were ambivalent at the beginning you will grow to hate that piece.
  2. So, there was a few pieces that started making me mad every time I thought I "should" be wearing them (skinny cords, velvet kimono, and wide-legged pants) so that limited my capsule. THEN, I had the worst customer service experience EVER with Zara, so bad that I will no longer be buying anything from them or mentioning their clothing on any of my social media channels. I still technically could have completed the challenge but it would have been super boring for me and you. 
So here's the best of the rest:

Madewell hat (here) // Coat (similar here) // Gap scarf (cute spring version here) // Madewell tee (here) // H&M jeans (here) // Vanessa Bruno booties (great dupe from H&M here)

 Long Cardigan (similar here) // ASOS belt (they brought it back! here) // Gap skinny cords (here) // La Canadienne boots (here) // Chloe purse (wallet version here)

Madewell jacket (here) // H&M sweater (here) // H&M pants (here) // Target tote (this year's version here) // vintage heels (similar here, here, or dream version here)

thrifted scarf  (similar-ish here)// CP shades shirt (found at local boutique) // H&M flare overalls (in denim here or skinny here

Madewell jacket (here) // Madewell tee (here) // Madewell flannel shirt (here) // H&M pants (here)//Madewell boots (here)
Something good did come from this experiment though. I really like the capsule concept and it made it much quicker to get dressed. It needed a little tweaking for me though and I'm excited to tell you about something I'm calling "Core Capsule" in my next post!

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