Thursday, February 11, 2016

30 For 30: Outfit 8

 If you've been following me on Instagram you know that I've started an old-school 30 for 30 challenge (like Kendi used to do). With the popularity of capsule wardrobes it's surprising to me that it hasn't been resurrected!

Anyway, obviously I'm a terrible blogger (that's been long established) so I'm jumping in here at outfit 8. At some point I will aim to do a whole rundown because being able to see it all in once place rather than jumping through Instagram is a lot better.

(It was snowing little puffballs, that's what's on my skirt. The neurotic in me had to clarify.)

H&M sweater (here)
Chloe "Marcie" purse (wallet version here or same line different style here)
Isabel Marant skirt (other IM skirts here or here, or similar here)
Vanessa Bruno booties (almost an exact dupe [and affordable!] here)

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