Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter MVP

Madewell scarf in all outfits (here, in different plaid here, or striped here)

alaska blogger style fashion

Columbia top (similar here) // vintage squash blossom necklace (similar here, more affordable here) // H&M skinnies (here) // vintage Tecnica boots (search eBay {super fun and I don't trust myself to do the search for you - winky face - but serious face - #wishiwerekidding #furbootsaremyweakness}similar here, here, not really similar but finding myself REALLY wanting here, and OMG I need to stop looking here)

 random hat // Ralph Lauren sweater // Skhoop insulated skirt (visit their website here or find them at REI)  // Tecnica Moon Boots (similar here or here - I purchased the red laces seperately)
H&M turtleneck // American Eagle overalls (similar here)// vintage Kamik boots (current version here)
I know there's a lot of versions of this scarf/cape/shawl thing out there (typically in acrylic) but I just have to plead the case for a 100% wool one. It's warm, it blocks the wind, and it looks (okay, and typically IS) more expensive. I was a little worried about paying almost $80 for a blanket scarf but I wear it constantly, even around the house. If you live in a cold climate you won't be sorry!

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