Monday, January 18, 2016

So Freaking Cold

It was 5 degrees Fahrenheit when I took these pictures. Usually on days like that I just mummify in as much down as possible but I've been feeling the January doldrums and knew that getting dressed in an outfit that I felt good in should be a priority. I've talked about insulated skirts on the 'gram but not sure if I have here. Insulated skirts aren't generally meant to be worn as regular clothing, they're considered outerwear. It was cold enough that I decided to use my short one as more of a fashion statement and kept it on all day. I also have a long one (see it in this post) that is definitely ONLY worn to keep warm. If you live in a cold climate I can't recommend them enough. They're easier to put on than snow pants and you can vary the coverage.

The scarf is the latest thrift score. It might be 80's, it might not. Either way I love it and it added a nice bit of color to the outfit. And the coat is new Zara. I love this time of year for the coat sales and stock up. Since they often ARE the outfit I like to have a variety.

 thrifted blanket scarf (similar here)
Zara coat (sold out already but this one is kind of similar here and I just ordered this one here [insert kind of embarrassed emoji face here])
The North Face insulated skirt (similar here, here, here, or here)
Target leggings (here)
Vanessa Bruno wedges (similar here in size 38, or here in size 38)
vintage Chanel bag (similar here, here, or here and I'm pretty sure this is my exact same one here!)

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