Thursday, October 22, 2015

New In: Jeans and Shoes

Normally when I get stressed out I hit the trail. It's been non-stop rain here however so that hasn't really been an option. So I've turned to my other stress reliever, shopping. :) Sometimes that gets me into trouble but I've needed to replace quite a bit of basics so it kind of worked out.

I needed both jeans and shoes. Almost all my jeans have given up in the last few months. I wear denim almost daily and am pretty hard on it. And I've been working so hard to add Alaska weather-appropriate footwear to my wardrobe that I kind of forgot to have a few pairs that were fun. I sold most of my stilettos and high heels this past year on eBay because they just didn't work with my lifestyle anymore.

OK, so these jeans aren't new. But I gave them new life with paint splatters. I like the interest it gives everyday outfits without being TOO crazy. I've been adding block heels to my wardrobe. There's a lot of gravel on the ground here and it's much safer on the ankles to have a wider heel. Plus, block heels are super popular right now. I chose these pointed shoes in blue velvet because it's fun but still pretty versatile.

ASOS jeans (here)
Zara top (similar from J.Crew here or Madewell here)
Zara shoes (here)

Holy crap, K-Swiss and Levi's. 1995 me thinks this is a pretty cool outfit. Heh. I wanted a pair of sort of fashion-y sneakers but felt like the Stan Smiths have been done to death. The K-Swiss felt fresh. For the jeans I ordered both 501 original cut and the 501 CT. They both work in different ways. These are the originals and look pretty awful uncuffed (the worst of the 90's) but the rear view is right on so cuffed it is. :)

K-Swiss sneakers (similar from K-Swiss here)
Levi's jeans (here)
J.Crew sweatshirt (similar from Marc New York here or American Retro here)

These boots are from H&M premium and are suede, so maybe not super practical but I like them. They are Isabel Marant-esque without being a total rip-off. The jeans are from Urban Outfitters. I love, love, love the weight of the denim but the buttons came off when I tried them on. I ended up replacing the buttons which cost under $5 and took just a few minutes but still. . . it's a good thing I like the way they fit.

Urban Outfitters BDG jeans (here)
H&M boots (here)
Madewell shirt (here)

These are the Levi's 501 CT fit. I've worn them an embarrassing amount since I got them. Like, I've considered not doing #OOTDs anymore so I can wear them every day without shame. And the shoes are little satin bowed block-heels. I'm not sure I can argue that these are very versatile but I like them. And sometimes, when you're stress shopping, that's enough.

Missoni sweater (sort of similar from Missoni here or M Missoni here)
Levi's jeans (here)
Zara shoes (here)

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