Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Roundup: Jewel Tones

 One of my friends recently came to visit and one of the things she asked to do was go thrift shopping. She found me this fringed tunic number which proves that there's a reason that we've been besties for 15 years (for clarification - not because she finds me clothing, but because she knows me so well ha!)

Madewell hat (here)
thrifted sweater (similar from Front Porch here or in cardigan form here)
thrifted dress (similar from Current/Elliott here or Lauren Ralph Lauren here
Madewell booties (here)

 Sort of early 90's kindergarten teacher meets modern-day grunge? Yeah, that.

Madewell hat (similar from Madewell here or here)
Zara tee (similar from Joe Fresh here, Isabel Marant Etoile here, or Alexander Wang here)
thrifted vintage jumper (similar from Little White Lies here and a little more formfitting from MiH here)
Topshop clogs (here, and there's a bigger variety of colors now!)

Ugh. Sorry for the picture quality. I take my photos myself with a self-timer and the camera kept wanting to focus on the rain! #stylebloggerproblems Anyway, this sweater is a bit pricy but if you're staring down the barrel a long, cold winter a humungous amount of merino wool to swathe yourself in might be a worthwhile investment. Also, I normally never include my size for reference but I'm wearing an XS/S and you can see that it's pretty roomy. I fluctuate between a 4 and 6 normally (S or M at most retailers depending on fit) so I feel pretty comfortable stating that this runs large.

Aritzia sweater (here, and the model is wearing it with wide pants and I feel like that is something I'm going to have to try)
Isabel Marant skirt (similar here from Calvin Klein, Vince Camuto here, Y-3 here, or completely unrelated but it came up in my search - I'm kind of in love with this Moschino hoodie style skirt
La Canadienne boots (here)
Homemade necklace

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