Thursday, September 3, 2015

I've Been Everywhere (But Here)

Well, hello again. It's cooled off a bit here in Alaska and I've become a little obsessed with finding vintage thermals. It's actually harder than I thought! What I REALLY want to find is a thermal with a little rose bud print. You know what I'm talking about? With the teeny-tiny pink and green print?

Target wool hat (similar here )
Walmart earrings (recent purchase, doesn't appear available online. They were under $4 but don't bug my sensitive ears. MAGIC)
vintage thermal (similar from Free People here )
H&M jeans here
Gucci rain boots here

So I got a new gray background thanks to our new house.  :)

thrifted dress (similar from Vince here , another similar from Vince here , and similar from Forever 21 here )
necklace by me (made from an old H&M bracelet)
H&M boots
Zara tote (similar from River Island here )
Madewell hat (similar from Madewell here )

This day the forecaster got it way wrong. It was supposed to be a high of 57 and rainy/cloudy. It ended up being 68 and sunny in the afternoon. I roasted!
vintage pullover
Target hat (here )
H&M shirt (here )
H&M jeans (here )
Gucci boots (here )

I'm pretty sure I've worn this or something really similar before. Who knew overalls could be such a staple in a wardrobe?

Madewell hat (similar here from Madewell)
Zara linen tee (similar from J.Crew here)
American Eagle overalls (similar from AE here)
thrifted shoes (I like this patent version from Topshop here)

Featuring some of my new (few) fall purchases. I've found six things to purchase retail to add to my wardrobe and I'm hoping that will be it until spring. I mean, other than replacing some basics that are falling apart. I'm not completely swearing off shopping, it'll just be secondhand when I get the urge to mindlessly consume. :)

Madewell hat (here)
Madewell shirt (same fit, different pattern from Madewell here)
Gap dress, thrifted (really similar from Joe Fresh here, or similar from Neiman Marcus here)
Madewell boots (here)

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