Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Primary

I wanted to start the year off with some color!

I've been thinking of resolutions this year. I haven't made in any in a long time. There's been a natural progression in 2014 that I think could benefit from me writing down. Like, I won't be vowing to start something I've never done before, just putting some goals in place for the things I'm already doing.

For the blog, I'd like to make it a little nicer to look at. I wish I could change the name (I regretted it about 3 months after I started!) but then it seems like I'd be going into a "rebranding" and ugh, no. Maybe I'll hire someone to spruce it up.

Other things I'm working on is illustrating, landscape photography, buying a home, studying French and Danish, and making sure I'm the best mom for my kids that I can be (When Your Kids Push Your Buttons by Bonnie Harris is an excellent read if you have good kids that make you crazy sometimes). I've been simmering on these all day, maybe it's time to actually go write them down.

Happy 2015!

Hat: eBay (here)
Sweater: thrifted (similar here)
Jeans: H&M (here)
Boots: random (similar here or here)
Purse: thrifted Deux Lux (in a bucket bag here or trapeze shape here)

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