Friday, December 26, 2014


I hope everyone had a good holiday, whatever it Is that you celebrate! It's unbelievable that 2015 is less than a week away. I like when bloggers do a year-end review, if I'm a new reader it's a nice way to get a better idea of who they are (or what they wear, as the case might be), if I'm an old reader it's always fun to revisit posts I might have missed the first time or am inspired by on second look.

I started off 2014 on The Suburb Experiment in February, almost exactly a year after my last post. I complained how I didn't like dressing for cold weather which I've embraced a little better this winter. I realized that fighting the climate and setting was just making myself miserable. I've also added a few Scandinavian bloggers to my feed for more realistic inspiration. Plus, in addition to French I've been studying Danish* so it also gives me some language practice.

I hope you enjoy my pictures of varying quality, and as always, I'm very grateful that you come read my blather and leave comments and are just generally pretty awesome. Thank you. Alaska style blogger

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