Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Yeah, this is definitely not what I'm wearing today. These photos were taken in summer, I just wanted a chance to post this week. It's way too cold and I am still way too sick to look like that. :)

Our whole family has come down with some nasty cold/flu virus so we've had to cancel our Thanksgiving plans. Now it will just be a small dinner here at home which I'm still looking forward to. Hopefully I'll be able to taste by then. I love Thanksgiving and it's focus on family and being thankful and I wish those of you that celebrate a very great day!

Shirt: H&M (I kinda want to go dig it's crumply softness out of the storage bin it's in now, it looks so comfy! There's a similar one here)
Pants: H&M (here or here)
Shoes: Target (similar here)
Watch: Target (similar here or here)

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