Friday, October 10, 2014

Vintage Coat Goes Slightly French

This coat shows up every winter. I hope you guys aren't bored. Also, I included that last picture of me providing "whooshing" sound effects for my fringe to prove that I'm not a miserable cow like the picture before it suggests. Maybe I'm sad because I ignored my own advice and wore shoes without socks again.

I went for a mildly French look today. France by way of Alaska I guess. I realized I only have a few weeks (if not days) to wear a skirt or dress before it just gets too cold so I started to look through my closet for some inspiration. I accidentally purchased these footless tights last winter and instead of feeling like I usually do when I come across them (stupid footless tights mixed up with the regular tights Target) I thought it might be fun to do a grown-up spin on schoolgirl. Et voila!

Coat: vintage Bonnie Cashin (check Etsy for more by her! or a similar but super expensive here)
Hat: eBay (here)
Earrings: eBay (would not recommend as any kind of investment - super cheapy! - but they are fun and can be found here)
Sweater: Madewell (here)
Skirt: Target (here)
Footless tights: Target (here)
Ballerinas: Delman (in a gloss finish here or similar here)

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