Monday, September 1, 2014

Life Lately

Posting a few Instagram photos and one not-Instagram photo. Just showing off some favorite things and an excuse to write.

Tee: Target | Skirt: vintage MaxMara | Shoes: Bass (similar)

My in-laws were in town for a week and the first day was showing off downtown Anchorage. I figured it was a good time to wear my favorite vintage silk skirt. I wore it almost the exact same way asI did here, minus the baby belly. I tried to find some carwash skirts to link to but I guess they're not currently en vogue. Like, at all. They should come back - they're so fun to walk in.

Fleece: H&M (here) | Leggings: Danskin (here) | Shoes: Minnetonka (here)

If I'm not actually dressed, I'm wearing this fleece. I wear it so much for hiking, camping, and the morning walk to school that I've ordered the coral color and am contemplating the black one.

Sweater: Free People (here) | Necklace: thrifted | Jeans: Free People (here or here) | Booties: Sam Edelman (similar)

The temperatures have dipped a lot. Time to bring out the sweaters! I've lost some weight in the last few weeks from this whole Cipro poisoning - it's good that I like the whole oversized thing anyway. .

Fleece: H&M (here) | Leggings: C9 | Sunglasses: Target (here) | Trail Runners: The North Face (this year's version)

I wasn't kidding when I said I wear this fleece constantly (and a bandana to cover up my hair - I'm like the Bret Michaels of hiking).

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