Wednesday, July 9, 2014



If you follow me on Instagram this photo is old news. Just like my last few posts. Sorry about that.

I really wanted to keep up with blogging but I've been enjoying the heck out the Alaskan summer. 19+ hours of sunlight a day plus unlimited opportunities to get outside.  If you want to see some of the Alaska-y things I've been doing there's some pictures here.

So, above, that's me in Homer. After a delicious brunch and before an amazing afternoon playing on the beach. We had a perfect weekend. I felt pretty cute in my clothes which is great because I packed for the forecast and the forecast was wrong. I managed. And see that necklace? My 3-year-old made it for me. I never knew jewelry from a preschooler could be so versatile but I've worn it a lot!

H&M sweater (I can't find it online but it was a recent purchase)
Free People jeans
See by Chloe sandals (similar yellow jellies from Ted Baker, Juju {insert heart-eyed emoji here}, or Nordstrom)
Homemade necklace (similar)

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