Monday, May 5, 2014

Cold Shoulder

So this is kind of hilarious. We were out walking in downtown Anchorage and I got some weird shot of confidence and asked my husband to take photos. The pictures looked fine on the small screen but when I went to edit them every photo where I was looking normal wasn't in focus (see picture #1) and every picture where I'm making a weird face and/or have Gumby feet is clear (see picture #3). We had a good laugh, and whatever, right?

Onto style. I've had this sweater in my closet for about three years and haven't worn it. For one, it only fits at pre-baby weight and two, what temperature is appropriate for a one-sleeved sweater? I am happy to report that sunny and 65 seems to be the ticket. I looked for similar sweaters but unless you have $296 to drop on this Jean Paul Gaultier top there isn't anything else out there. I guess one-shoulder isn't in vogue right now? Let's bring it back!

thrifted Banana Republic sweater
Forever 21 skirt
thrifted vintage hat (similar)
thrifted Andre Assous espadrilles (same brand similar in black, or here, similar Kate Spade with pink ribbon or with silver stripes)
vintage rings
bracelets made by me

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