Thursday, April 3, 2014

The One

I've noticed a lot of outfit bloggers stand on their toes when wearing flats (only for photos I assume). I wondered if it really made a difference so I tried it today. It does make the rest of my body look better - until I get to the feet and I'm all, "Nice tippy-toes, goober".

This sweatshirt is from H&M men (you can get it here) and except for the whole fast fashion negative it's a pretty great buy for $10. It's French terry which I prefer a million times over a fleece sweatshirt. It usually washes so much better and gets better with age. I'm wearing a small, which I only mention because sometimes in men's sizes a small will pull across my hips but a medium swallows up the rest of my body. If you order it, just get your regular size.

And that's all I got today.

H&M sweatshirt
Love 21 tee
Current Elliott jeans (here)

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