Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This Deserved It's Own Post

This is the shirt/jacket/dress purchase that caused Andrew to question my taste and a wheezing laughing fit from me. I feel like this outfit represents my style better than almost anything else I've worn in months and my face shows it.

I love Alaska. I love the snow. I love being outdoors. I do not love dressing for the cold every day. I know other people get really excited for the layering possibilities but I do not. After a few days of what I call "Aspen Fancy" I'm ready for bare ankles, blouses, and no coats.

And now for a twirling montage:

Oh yeah. You feel the magic? You feel the magic that is many, many yards of pink and white striped something?

Gosh I hope this means spring is on the way. . .

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