Thursday, August 30, 2012

Not Ready

Do you see what's near my feet? That is a leaf that turned yellow and fell to the ground (and there's a few of his buddies in the background). NOOOOOO! I am so not ready for fall. Which might make me a very tiny minority in personalstylebloggerland.

Don't get me wrong, I love the autumn and we tend to have pretty great weather (ie, no endless rain) until November here. It's just that my internal clock has fallen behind somehow and this imminent changing of seasons is very confusing.

Also confusing: why I resist maternity pants for so long. SERIOUSLY. The comfort level is amazing.

thrifted top, clutch, and shoes
Old Navy maternity jeans
Target necklaces
Sorrelli ring
Side eye c/o my 2-year-old


About Last Weekend said...

THat green is lovely on you and yes, those preggers trou are so comfy i was always tempted to keep on wearing ....five years later. That outfit below is fab with your new autumn hair - love it!

Niki said...

My body clock is all wrong this summer too! I’ve been living in India for the past five months, and it’s the monsoon season…while back in the UK it’s summer :(. Come October the weather should be beautiful again, but that will confuse me even more as it’ll be autumn/winter back at home!!

You're still looking like a very stylish mum to be :)

Thrifted Shift said...

You look seriously great!

Cambria said...

Aw sorry bout fall catching you off guard...I just love it and can't get enough, but I understand the seasonal confusion thing. Love those shoes btw...and would have never guessed those are maternity jeans, they look great!

<3 Cambria