Monday, April 9, 2012

Talking 'Bout Hair

I'm sure when sent me the HANA Titanium1.5" Flat Iron to review, they didn't think I'd do it while horizontal. That's just how I roll (in the grass).  

I took advantage of the fact that it's not raining to give myself beachy waves*. The flat iron actually made my hair really shiny until I put in the texturing lotion. Maybe someday I'll let my hair be pretty and shiny. Maybe. Missiko also sells hair dryers and curling irons and they include a ton of free gifts along with purchase so it's definitely worth checking out.

*For beachy waves, I pulled a 1" section taut about halfway down the length, then turned the flat iron 90 degrees and pulled down to the ends, alternating directions on different sections. Then I scrunched in a salt spray.  Next time I'm trying this strategy from Glamour magazine: Spritz damp hair with a texture spray, and create four two-stranded twists. Let dry, then clamp each section with a flatiron. Unwind for natural-looking crimps. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Target top
vintage necklace (from my mom)
vintage and gifted rings
Free People jeans
thrifted sandals


Lonestarcasie said...

I like the bright top. I find that I don't have many t-shirts all of the sudden. Must remedy because my "Thank you, Mood" shirt is going to get worn out.

Julie Strieter said...

As soon as I saw the pictures I was thinking about how much I loved your hair. Love the bright top and the pictures in the grass:)


Tiffany said...

I love your beachy waves AND your neon tee shirt!