Monday, March 5, 2012


This one's dedicated to all you ladies that venture out into the "real world" to take outfit photos. I'm so chicken (and time-strapped) I rarely get out of my yard. This is me, living on the edge, taking the photo shoot into the street:

"Do I hear a car?"

"No? OK! Happy pants!"

"Oh, crap. Here comes some lady walking her dog. . ."

So yeah. I'm a lot little jealous of those of you who are able take photos in places where a real, live human might see it happen. Whenever I see a potential set of eyeballs coming my way, I scurry over to the tripod and pretend I'm taking scenic photos. . . of my driveway.

thrifted tunic
Madewell necklace
James jeans
Miu Miu heels (eBay)


two birds said...

i feel the same way, but by now i'm pretty sure my whole neighborhood knows i have a blog. either that or they think i'm incredibly vain! i love your jeans. they look amazing on you!

The Jones said...

Aw, cute photos today! Love those pants, the elastic ankles are just darling. And btw, taking pics in public is not all its cracked up to be...

<3 Cambria

rlutz said...

Such a great top!!
I take pics on a residential street by the office...people always stop and stare at the crazy lady taking pictures of her self on the sidewalk. It used to bother me, but now I stare back and laugh!

Natasha said...

I love your outfit...I never wear slouchy jeans, but I love how yours look in this outfit :)
I always take my pictures from my driveway...that's what happens when you're a mom though...I think my neighbors think I'm crazy...but whatever, I'm starting to not be to awkward about it...still a little though..haha

Natasha ~

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

Those jeans are great although my thighs would kill me if I even considered them.

As for taking pictures in public, I just tell people it's a social experiment to see how many people ask me what I'm doing and why. That usually drives them off.

Lonestarcasie said...

I really only take pictures in my office. Mostly because I have captives that I can make take my picture and it is not the morning when I am crazy frazzled.

I like your sparkle flair.

The Closet Shopper said...

You and me sister. Can't do it. I feel so uncomfortable and embarrassed. Other people seem to not have any problem with it at all.

Your pics are GREAT!! You look so cute in this outfit.


Amber Lena Bonasera Boomars said...

Right there with ya... I'm not afraid to post photos of myself for everyone to see, yet god forbid someone actually see me taking those photos of myself!

Cara said...

I was rather glad when the weather got too cold to take pictures out side. I loved the light and set up, but our balcony overlooks the apartment parking lot. I would always take pictures just as everyone was coming home from work. ugh!
Thanks for the nice words on Tiffany's post about my blog!!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

In the summer when it's warm enough to take more outfit photos outside, it's usually in a place populated with people because I live in a condo and have no backyard of my own :( It's definitely embarassing at first but you stop caring eventually! ;) I love the pattern of your top and the jeans fit you like a dream!

Niki said...

They're great! I'm not brave enough to pose in public, I hate it when people stare!

Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Ha ha Jenn I do EXACTLY the same, but my husband (the photographer) gets even more embarrassed than I do!!! Not sure how I should take that...?

Love your top btw!!

Catherine x

dimi said...

You can totally do it Jenn!! Just go at a central square/station and STOP thinking about it! You're naturally beautiful and kind! People will think you're a model and as soon as you start getting some compliments you'll be ok! Kisses :)