Thursday, February 16, 2012

Green Goodness

 This isn't the most flattering outfit I've ever worn but I love the colors and I'm using my new lens so it's CRISP. How could I not post these? Heh.

I usually aim for 2-3 posts a week but I've been posting daily this week and I was wondering if there was some kind of general rule about frequency of posts. I did a little research but couldn't really find any advice.

However, I did notice some common things on every single article I read: DON'T have auto-playing video or music, DON'T delete the option to let people comment with name/URL, and DON'T use hard-to-read fonts. Holy moly, people get FIRED UP about those three things in comments section of the articles.

So I'm curious, do you guys have "dealbreakers" that will make you X out of a blog and not come back? (Is it when a blogger wears a big green skirt with a floaty top and makes herself look like a rectangle? You can be honest.)

thrifted skirt, belt, and bangle
Target top
AE necklace
Sam Edelman shoes


Janette said...

BAHAHAHAA! NOOO this outfit is not a deal breaker! It's a deal maker girl!!!! Looking good as usual! Here are my deal breakers...

1. Blog backgrounds that make it hard to read text. (ie a black background with a picture of something beige and then white text) I end up having to highlight everything just to be able to read... And it stinks cause I LOOOOVE reading posts..and that makes it harder to read..

2. Bad headers (WOW! I have A LOT to say on this). I'm guilty of this too..My first headers were blah blah yuck.. Take time to make one, or pay someone to do it.. Headers make either good or bad first impressions..

And lastly..

3. DISQUS! DRIVES ME NUTS! I usually type out long drawn out comments as it is (Exhibit A: Points at current comment) But when I have to type in my name andmy email address????! OY! That discourages me from commenting! I'll read the post, but I really won't comment unless it's about someone's passing and to send out condolences.. haha!

So yeah, that's it! Blog readers just want easy reading.. That's all. No more no less.. I'm easy to please!!

And sooo sorry for the longest comment in history..but you

Have a great day!

Janette, the Jongleur

Lonestarcasie said...

I for shizzle agree that autoplay muzak is super annoying. Kind of makes me want to poke my eyes out. I also have recently stopped looking at one blog because the person kept responding to my comments in an oddly snarky manner. Like one time I commented that I am glad the person had a good holiday after a blog regarding such things and the person commented back, "I didn't say I had a good holiday." Huh? How bout "thanks for the good wishes and let's call it a day." Anywhoodle...there were several such exchanges and finally I got tired of feeling concerned that I might be offending or misinterpreted in comments and I was like, "do i have time for this kind of frustration?" I decided I did not.
I like your combo of colors. I sort of love to do things that seem strange but somehow work. :)

Amber Lena Bonasera Boomars said...

You look FABulous! (said in Stanford's voice from SITC). Love the skirt, love the shirt, love the booties.

I've heard that posting every day will increase your traffic (duh), but I don't have time to post everyday. *shrug* And I am not focused on getting tons of traffic.

IFB also suggests having an "editorial calendar" (huh?) where you have different things planned for different days (ie. Mundane Monday, LOL - worst idea ever)

I agree, music is a big no-no. I will click X so fast.. I actually complained to the editors at because they removed the option to let commenters put in their website.

The other thing that bugs me? Too much stuff! Like, my eyes have to work hard to figure out where I'm supposed to be reading/looking. Geez, blog readers are a lazy bunch, huh?

two birds said...

Blog are such personal forms of expression that I find it hard to snark on anything someone wants to do on their own. I can see how auto-play music may be annoying, but my speakers are usually muted so I suppose it never bothers me. I just look for the things I like...good, witty writing, clear, interesting photos, and fun and inspiring outfits. Those things always keep me coming back. And this outfit is definitely not a deal breaker. I think you look fabulous! I love the skirt. What a pretty color. And the shape and print of that top is gorgeous!

Amber Lena Bonasera Boomars said...

I just thought of something else (as I was browsing the blog-o-sphere): I hate it when there are 15 million photos of the SAME THING (ie. a baby, or an outfit). That's what videos are for!

Adelyn said...

Looking good! And are those ELEPHANTS on your shirt?!?! I actually seriously love this outfit. You don't look like a box at all :) You're wearing nude/camel heels which elongates your legs so it's all super flattering! And for me, if a blog has automatic music I leave immediantly. It's the whole 'i'm sure you have great music taste but I really don't want to listen to it. kthanks!' Your blog does an excellent job with keeping all the 'rules' so woohoo!

Gracey at Fashion for Giants said...

I think this is a fabulous outfit and I'd totally wear this if my hips wouldn't try to make it all about them.

And, frankly, the only reason I stop visiting a blog is if I find it boring. Oh, and if it takes too long to load. But, you my dear, are never boring and your page loads quickly so I'll never stop following you.

The Jones said...

No, no, the floaty look. It's good :)

<3 Cambria

raspberry creative said...

I think you look great, not a big rectangle at all!

As for blogs and dealbreakers, I don't get super caught up on picking them apart. Blogs are pretty personal and being a graphic designer I accept them as the individual's personal expression. the only thing that bothers me is readability. I've checked out some blogs where the background is so distracting, it becomes hard to read and that totally defeats the purpose. I guess I'm not a big fan of the music either because we don't all like the same things and if you are flipping through older posts, you hear the same 20 seconds of a song over and over again...very annoying!

Tinfoil Tiaras said...

This outfit is divine- you look phenomenal in that shade of green and I love the flowy blouse! My deal breaker is "please follow me" comments with no interest in your outfit, what you're writing or really anything to do with you!

Kimberlee said...

I feel bad if I don't post every day and I conducted a survey on my blog and someone put they want MORE posts. The rule of thumb is only post QUALITY posts rather than quantity. If you don't absolutely love it or are just trying to fill space then don't post it. Your readers will notice. I say if it's hard to find the comments then I most likely won't go looking for it! If you want people to comment then make it as easy as possible for them :)

Catherine @ Not Dressed As Lamb said...

Jenn I think the pattern and colours of the blouse work beautifully with the green skirt. And who says we can't wear simply what we like somedays, never mind if it's unflattering (which, btw, it isn't)!?

I know what you mean about deal breakers... I tend to get disappointed rather than wound up with certain things some bloggers do:

1. Really good link ups that then have lots of rules and threats of deleting you if you don't follow them properly. Like I find in my job, people don't read rules...!! Have rules that are more like suggestions of course but don't threaten to delete, that's just mean!

2. Giveaways where you have to check back when it's closed to see if you've won, then email the host blogger - why?! If you win a retailer's competition for example, THEY contact YOU to tell you you've won (and surely it's more fun to contact someone with a "congratulations you've won" email)! I never enter those that do that...!

3. A lack of info on a blog about the blogger - I like to know people's name, why they're blogging, where they're from, etc. I get more interested in the blog then and am more likely to follow them!

4. And finally, this is the worst: Using the F word. That I can't stand - it absolutely makes me cringe. I'm no prude in real life, but like I would never swear in front of my mother, I would never swear in my blog. Nuff said.

susan said...

The 3 things you mentioned are annoying...Also, I don't like it when I have to click on "Read more" to see the entire post. I'm not sure why some bloggers do that, but I don't like having to go back and forth and will just stop visiting the blog.

So thanks for doing not even one of these annoying things! Your blog is as often as you can!

dimi said...

Rudeness in any way is my first deal-breaker I think. Posting about ridiculously expensive items is also a deal-breaker(I mean always-not once in a while...). "Phony" and arrogant people do that to me too.And posts without humour! And then, when people post daily I simply don't have the time to follow!!

(Oh my... I'm a hard to please reader, aren't I)?

dimi said...

BTW - This outfit?? Pure fashion from someone's heart and vivid eye-catching colours? Great feminine shape and flow? Little cute birdies? What's not to love???