Thursday, January 28, 2016

Roundup: Coats, Coats, Coats

I have to stop buying coatigans. I've purchased two from Zara's sale and one amazing vintage one from The Salvation Army thrift store. It's nice to have the option of wearing them indoors and out and is much less restrictive when driving. So they're definitely useful to have around but three is probably enough.

Zara coatigan (appears to be sold out. :( similar here) // Madewell hat (similar here or here) // thrifted Gap flares (here - I cut the hems for the ragged look) // Sam Edelman boots

I felt so grownup that day! I know I am one but I usually skew pretty casual and looking like a has-it-together human was a treat.

Zara coat (similar here) // thrifted Pilcro turtleneck (similar here) // H&M jeans (here) // Zara shoes (similar here, or here // ancient Kate Spade purse (check ebay for similar)

No stores in Anchorage carry Denim & Supply and I wasn't sure how it would fit so I took my chances on eBay. I had high hopes for this jacket but like a lot of mall and department store brands the sleeves are too short for me. Sometimes I can size up and just pretend like it's supposed to be slouchy but it won't work with a fitted jacket like this. Dang. Well, it's a gorgeous piece so I had to wear it at least once, restrictive arms and shoulders be damned, right?

Denim & Supply jacket (similar here or OMG THIS ONE HERE DAMN YOU LONG ARMS // Madewell hat (here) // Madewell tee (here, best t-shirt I've ever owned) // Levis jeans (here in the Precita wash) // Madewell scarf (here) // Vanessa Bruno boots (almost exact here in size 37 or similar here)

Monday, January 18, 2016

So Freaking Cold

It was 5 degrees Fahrenheit when I took these pictures. Usually on days like that I just mummify in as much down as possible but I've been feeling the January doldrums and knew that getting dressed in an outfit that I felt good in should be a priority. I've talked about insulated skirts on the 'gram but not sure if I have here. Insulated skirts aren't generally meant to be worn as regular clothing, they're considered outerwear. It was cold enough that I decided to use my short one as more of a fashion statement and kept it on all day. I also have a long one (see it in this post) that is definitely ONLY worn to keep warm. If you live in a cold climate I can't recommend them enough. They're easier to put on than snow pants and you can vary the coverage.

The scarf is the latest thrift score. It might be 80's, it might not. Either way I love it and it added a nice bit of color to the outfit. And the coat is new Zara. I love this time of year for the coat sales and stock up. Since they often ARE the outfit I like to have a variety.

 thrifted blanket scarf (similar here)
Zara coat (sold out already but this one is kind of similar here and I just ordered this one here [insert kind of embarrassed emoji face here])
The North Face insulated skirt (similar here, here, here, or here)
Target leggings (here)
Vanessa Bruno wedges (similar here in size 38, or here in size 38)
vintage Chanel bag (similar here, here, or here and I'm pretty sure this is my exact same one here!)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Winter MVP

Madewell scarf in all outfits (here, in different plaid here, or striped here)

Columbia top (similar here) // vintage squash blossom necklace (similar here, more affordable here) // H&M skinnies (here) // vintage Tecnica boots (search eBay {super fun and I don't trust myself to do the search for you - winky face - but serious face - #wishiwerekidding #furbootsaremyweakness}similar here, here, not really similar but finding myself REALLY wanting here, and OMG I need to stop looking here)

 random hat // Ralph Lauren sweater // Skhoop insulated skirt (visit their website here or find them at REI)  // Tecnica Moon Boots (similar here or here - I purchased the red laces seperately)
H&M turtleneck // American Eagle overalls (similar here)// vintage Kamik boots (current version here)
I know there's a lot of versions of this scarf/cape/shawl thing out there (typically in acrylic) but I just have to plead the case for a 100% wool one. It's warm, it blocks the wind, and it looks (okay, and typically IS) more expensive. I was a little worried about paying almost $80 for a blanket scarf but I wear it constantly, even around the house. If you live in a cold climate you won't be sorry!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Roundup: Style Resolutions

Madewell hat (here) // H&M coat (here) // JCrew tee (sweatshirt version here) // leather belt (here) // Gap pants (here)

Target cardigan (here) // H&M fur scarf (H&M's current version here) // vintage dress (similar here or here) // ASOS boots (here)

vintage sweater coat (similar here) // vintage MaxMara belt (similar here, here, or more affordable here) // H&M skinnies (here) // ASOS boots (here)
Has anyone made any style resolutions for 2016? I've been feeling the desire to look a little more polished, a little more elegant. I don't know if it's an age thing, a trend thing, or an outward manifestation of how I'd like to feel on the inside but there it is. Of course I've spent the first 3 days of 2016 in no makeup and holey pants so we'll see how that goes. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

(Not) Apres Ski

I was in need of a little adventure and some chances to photograph different things other than my outfits (although there was obviously a little bit of that too). We ended up at Alyeska Resort and it was nice to spend a relaxing day with my family. I got some great photos of the girls and an idea of what we're going to do for Thanksgiving. :)

Zara coat (this years version here)
thrifted vintage thermal (similar from Bobi here or a drapey version from Free People here)
Wilfred sweater (here)
H&M jeans (here)
vintage Tecnica boots (Tecnica's current version here, cute alternatives from Tory Burch here, Muk Luks here, Tecnica here, or Jeffrey Campbell here)
Forever 21 beanie (here and these might be next)