Monday, November 9, 2015

(Not) Apres Ski

I was in need of a little adventure and some chances to photograph different things other than my outfits (although there was obviously a little bit of that too). We ended up at Alyeska Resort and it was nice to spend a relaxing day with my family. I got some great photos of the girls and an idea of what we're going to do for Thanksgiving. :)

Zara coat (this years version here)
thrifted vintage thermal (similar from Bobi here or a drapey version from Free People here)
Wilfred sweater (here)
H&M jeans (here)
vintage Tecnica boots (Tecnica's current version here, cute alternatives from Tory Burch here, Muk Luks here, Tecnica here, or Jeffrey Campbell here)
Forever 21 beanie (here and these might be next)

Friday, October 30, 2015

Insta-Roundup: This and That (and This and-a)

Warning: I probably should have titled this post "Insta-Roundup: Whine Time".

I had wore this dress over pants previously but that was before I owned these jeans. :) Much better.

Zara dress (here)
Levi's jeans (here)
thrifted coat (similar from Ralph Lauren here or Forever 21 here)
No. 6 clogs (here)

This sweater comes out every year and I'm pretty sure every year I brag that I bought it for $1.29 (I'll just check that off the to-do list right now). I bought it in Washington but it really screams Alaska doesn't it?

Madewell hat (here)
thrifted vintage sweater (check Etsy or a cute alternative from Forever 21 here)
Urban Outfitters shirt (here)
Levi's jeans (here)

When I first met Andrew he had just bought a whole set of brand new furniture. I mean couches, tables, dressers, beds, the whole enchilada. I had a hodge-podge of thrifted stuff and hand-me-downs. I agreed that it would be throwing away money if he got rid of his stuff, so I held on to my most favorites and barely tolerated the matchy-matchy dark, heavy stuff that single guys seem to think looks "fancy". :) When we moved to Alaska it seemed like seven years living with that furniture was long enough and we got rid of all of it. Then we moved into a rental here in Alaska for two years while we searched for another house to buy. Two looooong years with almost no furniture because we were waiting to see what kind of house we ended up with before we made any commitments. So all this to say that I love the house we're currently in and I really, really hope that it's ours. I'm sure acting like it is, there's nine years of pent-up decorating being unleashed here. And it just feels like home.

One day I was so fed up with all the stress I strapped Kit into her pack and hiked up the steepest trail I could think of. I poured my frustrations into every hard step. The pretty scenery helped too. 

Faux fur and velvet for a coffee run with a friend.

thrifted coat (fun options from Shrimps here, Yumi here, or Dorothy Perkins here)
Rad t-shirt
Levi's jeans (here)
Zara shoes (here)

So. We got our oil changed at Jiffy Lube. On our way from Jiffy Lube to Target our Expedition stalled and wouldn't restart. Coincidence? I don't know, because the dealership has had our car since Sunday and they still haven't even looked at it. BUT one good thing, the good Samaritan that towed us out of the busy roadway parked us in front of an Ulta that just opened. While Andrew went to get the rental vehicle and wait for the tow truck the girls and I went in to pass the time. And spend mucho $$$. I had never been in an Ulta before and hot damn that's a lot of fun. I will definitely be back!

What I got:

A purse-size bottle of Philosophy Amazing Grace
A makeup brush (desperately needed)
Various "smellies" for the girls

So I might be stressed but I'm also depuffed, hydrated, and smell good. Heh.

Ending on a happy outfit note! And kind of funny right after I talk about all that make-up I'm not wearing any.

Comme Des Garcons tee (here or here)
Urban Outfitters jeans (here)
Madewell boots (here)

Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Usuals

I'm mixing new (jeans and shoes) with old (shirt and purse) with vintage (coat).

vintage Bonnie Cashin coat (other blanket coats I like here, here, or here)
Free People shirt (similar from Free People here)
Levi's jeans (here)
Zara shoes (here)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

New In: Jeans and Shoes

Normally when I get stressed out I hit the trail. It's been non-stop rain here however so that hasn't really been an option. So I've turned to my other stress reliever, shopping. :) Sometimes that gets me into trouble but I've needed to replace quite a bit of basics so it kind of worked out.

I needed both jeans and shoes. Almost all my jeans have given up in the last few months. I wear denim almost daily and am pretty hard on it. And I've been working so hard to add Alaska weather-appropriate footwear to my wardrobe that I kind of forgot to have a few pairs that were fun. I sold most of my stilettos and high heels this past year on eBay because they just didn't work with my lifestyle anymore.

OK, so these jeans aren't new. But I gave them new life with paint splatters. I like the interest it gives everyday outfits without being TOO crazy. I've been adding block heels to my wardrobe. There's a lot of gravel on the ground here and it's much safer on the ankles to have a wider heel. Plus, block heels are super popular right now. I chose these pointed shoes in blue velvet because it's fun but still pretty versatile.

ASOS jeans (here)
Zara top (similar from J.Crew here or Madewell here)
Zara shoes (here)

Holy crap, K-Swiss and Levi's. 1995 me thinks this is a pretty cool outfit. Heh. I wanted a pair of sort of fashion-y sneakers but felt like the Stan Smiths have been done to death. The K-Swiss felt fresh. For the jeans I ordered both 501 original cut and the 501 CT. They both work in different ways. These are the originals and look pretty awful uncuffed (the worst of the 90's) but the rear view is right on so cuffed it is. :)

K-Swiss sneakers (similar from K-Swiss here)
Levi's jeans (here)
J.Crew sweatshirt (similar from Marc New York here or American Retro here)

These boots are from H&M premium and are suede, so maybe not super practical but I like them. They are Isabel Marant-esque without being a total rip-off. The jeans are from Urban Outfitters. I love, love, love the weight of the denim but the buttons came off when I tried them on. I ended up replacing the buttons which cost under $5 and took just a few minutes but still. . . it's a good thing I like the way they fit.

Urban Outfitters BDG jeans (here)
H&M boots (here)
Madewell shirt (here)

These are the Levi's 501 CT fit. I've worn them an embarrassing amount since I got them. Like, I've considered not doing #OOTDs anymore so I can wear them every day without shame. And the shoes are little satin bowed block-heels. I'm not sure I can argue that these are very versatile but I like them. And sometimes, when you're stress shopping, that's enough.

Missoni sweater (sort of similar from Missoni here or M Missoni here)
Levi's jeans (here)
Zara shoes (here)

Monday, October 19, 2015

All Wrapped Up

Apologies for the center-aligned text. Blogger isn't working very well for me. It's just one small thing in a very, VERY long list of things that aren't going as smoothly as I wish they would. It all came to a head today when the can opener wouldn't work. I threw it across the room and had a good cry. I'm glad I found an inanimate object to funnel all the frustration at. :)

Aritzia sweater (here)
Madewell hat (here)
Levi's jeans (here)
No. 6 clogs (here)