Saturday, September 2, 2017

Fall Transition Formula

Tee: Madewell (here) // Jacket: thrifted // Necklace: Madewell (similar here) // Jeans: Joe's (here) // Purse: Theory (in velvet here) // Sandals: eBay (similar here)

My outfit formula for transitioning to fall. Or any season, let's be real. Tee + Jeans + Topper + Minimal Makeup. Add accessories, et voila! OUTFIT.

Tee. My all-time favorite is the Madewell whisper tee (I'm waiting for this one to go on sale). According to my Shopstyle app, I've worn the white one 110 times. It's got holes in it but I don't care, it's that good. I've heard Old Navy makes good ones too, and the price is certainly nice.

Jeans. The ones I'm wearing are Joe's Jeans and I like them a lot. They're currently too big though so I've been on the lookout for another pair. I keep trying to move away from skinnies but they really are the most convenient with rain and winter boots. Nothing like a good sock seal between you and the cold/wet air! Here's some brands I really like:

If you wear a 30 or 31 waist that first Joe's pair is a killer deal! Marked down from $189. I always feel a little guilty shopping fast fashion but I've loved all my H&M skinnies. I wear them out. They don't have the special details that premium denim has but they're cute and functional. 

Topper. Here's the fun. If you're a secondhand first kind of gal check Etsy. I had to quickly close out the tab after copying the address because I was about to get in trouble haha! If you prefer the less chaotic retail versions scroll below:

I don't know how many of you are in the market for a $19,000+ kimono but I included them because it's fun to drool over. :)

Thursday, August 31, 2017

I Love The 80's

Hat: Janessa Leone (here) // Sweater: thrifted vintage (similar here or here) // Pants: Uniqlo (here) // Shoes: Paloma Wool (very similar here in a more fall-ish yellow) // Earrings: J.Crew (here)

Let's ignore the grainy out-of-focus photos, shall we? The light this time of year is awful. Or it's great and I am not a good enough photographer to manage it. That and I think my lens has survived one bonk too many and isn't focusing right. I'm just a mess over here.

I originally paired this outfit with loafers but quickly realized it looked like I was going to a late 80's/early 90's costume party. Putting on some very 2017 mules brought the look into this century. :)

A lot of you have been following along for a while and you know that I've been having some pretty serious health issues. Well, after three long years I have (some) answers. What a relief!

What I didn't tell you:

I was told to eat, relax, and join an evangelical church. By a doctor.

The same doctor dismissed what an ER doctor and therapist said about the blaring red flags. After testing my thyroid he insisted it was anxiety. Even with concrete physical symptoms. I'm embarrassed to say I mostly believed him. For three years I thought I was a failure for not being able to control my symptoms.

A neurologist also did the same. He had his mind made up that it was anxiety before I even opened my mouth. He even talked over answers that didn't fit his theory. By this time I was starting to doubt them. I mean, I was losing almost a pound a day at this point and could hardly function day-to-day because of the other symptoms.

I "fired" my regular doctors. I found a new one. And she has figured out in three months what the others didn't in three years. I also had to to a lot of my own research (thank Google!) but her trusting me and working with me and paying attention to major signs (most people don't have low blood pressure during panic attacks) meant we have (some) answers!

So I'm histamine intolerant. We don't know the exact mechanism behind it (probably MCAD) but right now we're focusing on lessening symptoms and stopping the weight loss. Lots of people are histamine intolerant but don't know it! If you drink red wine and get flushed cheeks or a stuffy nose, you might be. That's on the milder side. My body is currently going a little nuts with overflowing histamine so when I'm "triggered" I have anaphylactoid symptoms. My blood pressure dives, my chest tightens, I get really lightheaded, and I have labored breathing. That's what my "panic attacks" are. Well, I was probably panicking too. It's scary! Histamine is also a neurotransmitter (which is why my brain was sending wrong signals to my body) and involved in weight control (yep).  I won't go over all the symptoms but there's a lot overlap with autoimmune disorders. Cipro releases large amounts of histamine into your body which is how that's connected in there too. It's crazy how all the obvious and not-so-obvious puzzle pieces have just fallen into place.

So now I'm trying to control it through a low-histamine diet, exercise, and occasional medication. A low histamine diet kinda sucks (it's so boring!) but even worse is the no strenuous exercise (even more boring) but it's all better than anaphylaxis! What a motivator, huh? :) I've gone through relapse/recovery before so I just keep trucking and hope that soon everything will get back to relatively normal as soon as possible. There's a few things that will change for the rest of my life but I'm really hopeful!

Thanks for reading! And thank you so much for the years of offered thoughts and prayers. Navigating the health system can be so difficult (especially as a woman) and without the support of you guys, my friends, and my family who knows where I would have ended up. This has been a fantastic outlet for creativity and connection during some of the hardest times in my life.

All this on a silly little style blog. :)

Monday, August 28, 2017

Fall Lite

Sunglasses: Le Specs (here) // Green Dress: Zara (in pink here) // Blue Dress: Madewell (similar here) // Necklace: Kendra Scott (similar here) // Bag: thrifted vintage (check Etsy) // Flats: Chanel (similar here)

A few things.

One. I should probably stop photographing green outfits in front of green trees.

Two. One reason I don't blog as often anymore is because I'm terribly unphotogenic. I'm not saying this to fish for compliments, it really doesn't bug me. It's more about laziness. I have to take so many photos to get so few usable ones. It's why I rarely show my face full-on in photos. Plus, it's always been about the clothes and photography. I like creating nice pictures. It's much easier to get just one for Instagram and call it done. I was so excited to have more than one okay photo today so here we are!

Three. I could sing the praises of a button up dress aaaaaallllll day. Dress. Belt the dress. Wear it buttoned only at the top over pants or skirt. Buttoned all the way over skinnies. Worn as a kimono over tee and jeans. Worn unbuttoned over another dress. Put a turtleneck underneath when it gets chillier. The Madewell dress I'm wearing underneath is apparently already sold out but the one I linked is similar AND it buttons down the front! Yay!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Back To School Shopping At 5th Avenue Mall

To get started, I was provided a gift card from the 5th Avenue Mall to participate in their fun activities and make a post about it. So really, I did something that I was already going to do (back to school shopping) but now it was combined with fun things for the girls (the picture above is deceiving - we should have probably made them stop chewing their gummy snacks before snapping photos) and then write about it. If you're in the Anchorage area and didn't make it to the event on the 12th, good news! The 5th Avenue Mall will also be holding it on the 19th. If you're just here for outfit details scroll to the bottom. :)

What kinds of fun activities put kids in a good shopping mood?

Well, Sephora gave the girls princess makeup in their favorite colors, The Body Shoppe provided yummy smelling sprays and lotions, and Claire's gave them glittery colored hair and some fun accessories for the photo booth. 

The mall provided free snacks and props for the photos booth. The photo is texted to you which is really nice! There were also some live mannequins modeling clothing, a Susan G. Komen table, and a handy list of which stores are having back-to-school discounts. This weekend JCPenney will be there offering haircuts. The activities are smack dab in the middle of Lush, Nordstrom, and Lululemon so even though we were there for the kids mom was pretty happy too. haha!

The girls were so pumped after their fun they decided they all wanted matching shoes. These ones:

Funny girls.

Outfit deets for me:

Jacket: Zara (here) // Tee: Madewell (here) // Necklace: Madewell // Jeans: Paige (here) // Bag: thrifted // Shoes: Chanel (cute alternative here)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Roundup: The End Of Summer

Tank: Madewell (here) // Necklace: Madewell (similar here) // Skirt: vintage (with cute buttons from Anine Bing here) // Purse: Theory (in velvet here) // Shoes: Bass (similar here)

Well, hello! Long time, no blog. As you can see by the title I'm calling it. The end of summer. So let's see what I wore on the rare summer days it wasn't raining, shall we?

Overalls: Levi's (here) // Top: Anthropologie (a summer favorite! here) // Shoes: Miu Miu

Like these adorable overalls. That are already too big for me. That I purchased to replace the other cute Levi's overalls that were too big. Angry face emoji.

Cardigan: Vince (similar here) // Necklace: Madewell (similar here) // Dress: vintage (check Etsy!) // Boots: Xtratuf (here)

The elastic on this dress is shot and the fabric is so degraded that it just permanently smells. It's so amazingly beautiful though that it needed at least one more chance to be worn so beach day it was! A stiff breeze kept the smell away, or at least away from me - I can't speak for the people downwind ;) - and it wasn't a big deal if the bottom got a little dirty from the water and sand. The girls kept asking if I was going to get married. 

 Shirt: Madewell (similar here) // Dress: vintage (check Etsy!) // Sneakers: Target (here)

It's just a vintage dress summer! This dress I've had for years and I realized that I could give it a different look by tying a striped top over it. 

Hat: J.Crew (here) // Necklace: Madewell (similar here) // Dress: vintage

And another one! This one I found recently at a thrift store in Seward along with some beautiful vintage brass candlestick holders. The holders I'll keep but I'll probably be passing along this dress. It barely fits even after a few months of the weight regulation center of my brain being out of whack. The weight may be gone but that ribcage ain't going anywhere. I still had to wear it at least one day right? Even if I was aware of every bit of food I ate? #fashionvictim

Jacket: Zara (here) // Necklace: Madewell (similar here) // Blouse: Madewell (in dress form here) // Jeans: Paige (here) // Shoes: Chanel (similar here)

This is my current go-to. When I don't have the energy or patience to figure anything else out, I just wear a different shirt underneath. 

Hat: Nordstrom // Tee: J.Crew (not the same but kind of need this here) // Bag: thrifted // Pants: Zara (sold out already? similar here) // Shoes: Isabel Marant

So I kind of look like crap here but it's actually a photo of celebration. Things have taken a turn for the better and I'm finally optimistic that it might keep going that way. Fingers crossed.

I hope you're having a fantastic week!