Monday, August 18, 2014

Backgrounds Happen

I wasn't planning on taking photos of this outfit but then this background was here and my husband was game and there you go.

Shirt: Madewell (here)
Belt: thrifted (similar)
Jeans: Paige (similar)
Clogs: Tory Burch (similar or check eBay for the exact)
Sunglasses: Target

Friday, August 15, 2014

Debbie Downer

I've always believed that clothing is merely decoration for what is underneath. Taking care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally is very important. That's why I've discussed such topics as diastasis recti and depression on what is supposedly a personal style blog.

I'm spreading the word about something new today. On Monday I was given Cipro for a suspected UTI. Within 10 hours of taking the first pill I was in the ER. This wasn't an allergic reaction, this was due to side effects. The kind you read about on the insert. Only on the insert, they don't mention that the side effects can be permanent. It also doesn't mention that if you get the bad side effects there is no cure. The doctors can only attempt to alleviate the symptoms.

I'm telling you this because I wish I had known. It's one thing to read through the warnings and see "nausea" as a possible side effect. Pretty common, might be worth it depending on what's being treated. Now imagine that it said "permanent nausea" as a possible side effect. Would you have second thoughts? What about tearing tendons, tremors, detached retinas, panic attacks, racing heart, dry mouth, and other ill effects - all possibly permanent? You probably wouldn't take it unless there were no other alternatives.

Obviously Cipro has helped a lot of people and I believe there is a place for it in a doctor's toolbox. I'm just not sure it should be handed out so casually. If I can help just one person talk to their doctor about trying something other than a "floxin" antibiotic first and have them avoid the hell that my family and I have gone through this last week (with an unknown end in sight) I'll be a very happy person.

To end on a positive note, I'm trying to be hopeful. I'm researching online treatments for fluoride poisoning (which is essentially what happened) and taking supplements (under doctor care, or course) to hopefully stop or reverse some of the effects. I'm also on 3 different medications which are helping me feel like a human being although I've got a ways to go. Hell, I even changed out of my 3-day sweatpants and took some photos in a parking lot today. Yee haw!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

More Neutrals

More neutrals. I don't know what's gotten into me. Actually I do, it's called "surprisingly summer is busier than the school year". We've got appointments, camps, playdates, visitors, hikes, and weekend camping. When I was bored in the evenings in Gig Harbor I'd wander down to my closet and put together some stuff for the upcoming week. Here I collapse in exhaustion. But not really because it's still light out and I'd be mad at myself for wasting any summer. Heh.

Like I said, autumn is definitely coming - the fading leaves, the earlier sunsets (10pm now!), and windy days. But it was 70 freaking degrees here today. It's an Alaskan miracle.

Top: Madewell (similar here or here)
Jeans: Free People (here or here)
Shoes: vintage Calvin Klein (similar or almost exact but a big splurge)
Purse: Coach (similar from Coach or more affordable options on eBay)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tropical Lies

OK, so yesterday I said I felt weird wearing anything too tropical here in Alaska, even on the hottest days. Well, I must have been in a weird mood today because I wore my tropical-print shortalls and it wasn't even that warm out.

I think it's time to give these up - they're better suited for someone shorter than me but I just haven't had the heart to get rid of them. Today was a last hurrah.

And I've been wearing my big gold hoops with everything, I think getting back to posting at Carrie Updated has something to do with that. . .

Shortalls: thrifted
Shirt: Free People (similar here or here)
Sandals: Dolce Vita (this year's version)
Bracelets: H&M
Earrings: Target (exact)

Monday, August 11, 2014


It's been feeling a little like autumn here lately. The leaves are losing a bit of green and in the mornings there's wood smoke in the air. I'm not quite ready to change my wardrobe over though and afternoon temperatures are still pretty decent. Today's neutrals felt like a perfect transition outfit - even on the hottest Alaskan day I feel a bit silly in anything too tropical.

Can we talk about the sandals real quick? They're kind of pricy but they're comfortable and I can already tell they're going to last forever. They're very similar to my beloved American Eagle sandals that I've had almost 15 years now (sadly American Eagle doesn't seem to make anything even remotely close to that quality anymore). Anyway, they're not all winged - if that's not your thing - and I wanted to let you know that they're pretty great since it's the end of summer and you might be able to snag a pair on sale.

Top: Love Sam (similar here or here)
Pants: Gap (exact)
Sandals: Ancient Greek (here or here)
Purse: Vintage (similar here)
Earrings: Target (exact)