Sunday, October 23, 2016

Cold Weather

Coat: Canada Goose (here or here) // Scarf: Madewell (see below) // Sweater: H&M (here) // Jeans: Citizens of Humanity (here) // Boots: Sorel (here or here)

I wondered if I should sit on these photos for a while since I doubt many readers are experiencing snow and sub-freezing temperatures yet. But maybe you are getting prepared for winter or maybe you're so dang hot that pictures of snow are welcome. So hey, here they are.

This is my first winter in a Canada Goose coat and it's a DREAM. It's warm and easy to move in which are my two main points in winter wear. I also like that this style has some shape to it so that I don't look like a walking lego brick. I WILL look like a walking lego brick if it means I'm warm but it's nice to not have to compromise. 

I talked about this scarf cape thing last year and I still recommend this year. It goes easily under your coat but you can wear it by itself while you're driving or when you dash into a store. Because stores looooove to crank that heat up, right? Wearing my full winter coat grocery shopping either leads to sweaty rage shopping or no place to put the groceries since the cart is already full of coats. A wool shawl is a nice alternative and Madewell has come out with some tempting new colors this year:

Friday, October 21, 2016

First Snow

Sweater: Nordstrom (here) // Turtleneck: J.Crew (here) // Jeans: Mother (here or here) // Shoes: Zara (here) // Lipstick: Nyx (here)

SNOWWWWWW!!! No matter how I tried to spell that to convey my excitement it looks like a word cried out in weather-related pain. But rest assured, I'm not clutching a strained ankle or bruised tailbone. I love it!

And I don't usually include lipstick colors in my outfit details but I really like Nyx's Simply Red line. It's really pigmented but not drying. The vamp line has some really pretty colors too I bought this one and it works really well with my very fair coloring (90% of cosmetics turn orange on me). 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Lots Of Layers

 Hat: Madewell (here) // Vest: Penfield (here) // Sweater: H&M (here) // Turtleneck (under sweater): Athleta (here) // Jeans: Citizens of Humanity (here) // Boots: Sorel  (here, here, or here) // Blanket: thrifted 

When the high temperatures only hit 38°F/3°C you know cold season is HERE. Like, until May. I've been reluctant to pull out the true winter coats because I know in a few months I will want to burn each and every one of them in a fire. Okay, a little hyperbole buuuuut not by much.

So layering it is. I like the Athleta Remarkawool for my base layer but I've been thinking about ordering some of the Uniqlo HEATTECH (like this scoop neck for under lower cut shirts) both because I really can't have enough base layers and to review for the blog. Maybe I could do a post on layering? Sometimes it feels next-to-impossible to dress stylishly when you're fighting frostbite every day but coming up on my fourth Alaskan winter I think (I think) I'm getting the hang of it.

Oh, and a quick note on the boots - if you decide to order them go up 1/2 size. If you plan on wearing SUPER thick socks you may want to go up a full size. Other than that they are very comfortable and warm and I can recommend.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Instagram Roundup: Fall Y'all

Sweater: H&M (here) // Overalls: Madewell (here - on sale!) // Earrings: H&M (very similar here) // Clogs: Tory Burch (similar from Gucci here)

My fall tablescape. The cake stand is from Pier One (here), the decorative balls are a recent purchase from Fred Meyer, and the runner is from Target (here).  Everything else is thrifted or produce. 

Fall basics. Also, when I was taking this pictures birds were eating seeds in the trees and spitting the shells at me. You can see one falling in front of my pants! 

Jacket: H&M (here? It's really similar but I can't tell from the photo if it's exact) // Shirt: Aritzia (here) // Pants: H&M (here) // Purse: Madewell (cute alternative here)

Last year I blogged about this table that I bought for $16. I finally refinished it! The wall art is a new purchase from Target. 

Morning hike on Mt. Baldy. H&M should bring this coat back this winter, I get a ton of questions on it. (and wow I've been wearing a lot of H&M lately)

Jacket: H&M (similar here)  // Hat: old (almost exact here) // Pants: thrifted // Boots: Woolrich (this year's version here and I must talk myself out of the brown version here)

Hat: Madewell // Coat: old (similar here) // Scarf: thrifted (similar here) // Turtleneck: Free People (here) // Jeans: AG (here - on sale!)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Pink Fall

 Thermal: vintage (someone please buy this here and another cute one here) // Overalls: ancient (similar here or here) // Sweater: J.Crew (here) // Boots: Jeffrey Campbell (here or here) // Hat: old (similar here)

Pink for fall? Why not. Just like most people that follow trends I think pink will be showing up a lot more in my wardrobe this season. I'd also like to try and work it into my more usual style but I felt like doing "cozy sweet" today.

I'm going to have to put away these Jeffrey Campbell boots soon (to be fair I haven't tried them with socks but I'm not optimistic) but if I lived in a place where fall was warm-to-hot these would be perfect! Give you that fall feeling without all the discomfort of too-hot feet.