Thursday, February 23, 2017

Mustard and Pink

 Puffer: Topshop (in pink here or green here) // Sweater: Madewell (here) // Bag: Chloe // Earrings: Madewell (here) // Jeans: Urban Outfitters (similar here) // Boots: Lucky Brand (here) // Sunglasses: Madewell (here)

I had been having a terrible day up until taking these photos. Nothing was going right, people were in terrible moods, I was late to something by circumstances completely not in my control. Then one of the spruces I was standing under unloaded all the snow from it's laden branch on my head and somehow it made everything better. I don't recommend this method of turning a day around by the way, but maybe it made you smile too. You can still see the snow I didn't shake out of my hair in the photos.

See how else I've worn this sweater here and here.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Be My Teddy Bear (Coat)

 Coat: vintage (pink!) // Bag: L.A.M.B. for Le Sportsac (check eBay) // Sweater: Aritzia (sold out - similar here) // Tee: Madewell (here) // Pants: H&M (more leggings-y here) // Wedges: Vanessa Bruno (similar here or cute alternative here

I wanted a teddy coat for a while, finally thrifted one at the end of last winter, aaaaand then haven't worn it at all. The purse is something I've had kicking around in my closet since the early '00s. Have you noticed the uptick in articles waxing nostalgic about that era? It means some of the fashion can't be far behind. Vetements is already pushing Juicy Couture tracksuits which I still own as well (in bright orange!) but I think the next time that will see the light of day is when one of the girls has an "Aughts Day" at school. Ha!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Winter Cardigan

Thermal : thrifted vintage (similar here or here)  // Overalls: Levi's (here, last seen here) // Sweater: thrifted vintage (here in an XL, or so many good Cowichans on Etsy) // Clogs: Tory Burch (here in size 8 or similar here) // Earrings : Oooooold (similar here) // Purse: Chloe

Sorry, ladies. Apologizing in advance for wearing the crap out of these overalls. Well maybe not advance - more like during? My other American Eagle overalls and their flimsy denim finally gave up after a very respectable six years. These heavy, 100% cotton Levi's aren't going anywhere soon though.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Black Velvet Blazer

 Blazer: thrifted vintage (similar herehere, or here) // Tee: Madewell (graphic tee on the wishlist here) // Jeans: Mother (here) // Boots: Zara (similar but not in price here or fun snakeskin here) // Bag: Madewell (similar here) // Earrings: thrifted (almost exact style here

I've been trying to thrift a slouchy black blazer for a while (which has been much harder than I would have anticipated) and in the process I tried this fitted velvet blazer on. I didn't think I'd be a fan of the fitted silhouette but hey. Heyyyyyyy. Sometimes you don't always get what you want and sometimes what you want isn't always what you need. Or something. . .

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Lazy Day

 Sweatshirt: Madewell (here) // Shirt: Madewell (here) // Leggings: H&M (here) // Bag: Madewell (similar here or very similar in faux leather here) // Shoes: Adidas (here) // Sunglasses: Madewell (here) // Earrings: random (similar here

I guess I shouldn't call it a "lazy day" outfit. It was very comfortable, yes, but I was anything but lazy that day.

I still like my errand day outfits to have a little something extra and this embroidered sweatshirt fit the bill. I used to be firmly in the "leggings are not pants" camp but you know what? YOLO. Your Opaque Leggings (are) Okay. Finished off with the shoe I've loved since 1995 et voila! An lazy un-lazy day outfit.