Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fringe Addiction

Madewell hat // H&M sweater // Joie pants // thrifted vintage heels // random earrings

I'm not sure I should have blogged this outfit but I'm really proud of how many photos turned out (mostly) in focus! I've been stubbornly only shooting in "manual" mode since the beginning of the year and have been trying to blog through the major learning curve.

For the outfit, I'm kind of obsessed with Ulla Johnson's designs and her lookbooks. I'd buy everything in the collection in a heartbeat if I didn't care about other things like, you know, eating. Or future educations. So I'm making do with what's already in my closet (and maybe saving up for some Ulla Johnson fall/winter items since those get much more wear here in Alaska). These pants are eight years old. They're the ONLY pair of high-waisted pants I've ever liked. Joie has a similar pair out this year and I should go try them on. It'd be nice to have a backup pair!

I have linked similar items below, I went a little crazy with the fringe sweaters since I'm trying to stop any more myself. A little virtual shopping spree if you will.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Put On My New Suede Shoes

Madewell necklace (here) // Urban Outfitters top (here) // ASOS jeans (similar here or here) // Adam Tucker shoes (here or here) // Chloe purse

I'm great at impulse shopping for weird stuff. Seriously. Where I run into trouble is trying to find a wardrobe piece (or furniture, or anything) that is meant to be versatile and neutral and usable for years to come. I freeze. I hem, I haw. I purchase, I return. I drive Andrew crazy by making him compare items that are basically the same thing. And then I walk away from both because it's just too much commitment (which really drives him nuts). So when I tell you that these shoes are versatile, comfortable, and seem to be a good value for the money I'm not kidding.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Photo Bombers

Madewell hat (similar from Free People here) // Madewell jacket (here or here) // CP Shades shirt (purchased at The Park) // H&M jeans (here) // Dries van Noten boots (similar from Frye here or Cole Haan here)

I love a good black and brown mix. And a photobomb or two. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Olive Juice

Madewell hat (in brown here) // Jamie & the Jones tee (in umber here or natural here) // Chloe purse (wallet version here)// H&M jeans (here) // Intentionally _____ shoes (here or in orange here)

This spring I've been wearing (and purchasing) a lot of olive green items. It doesn't scream "spring" but then it kind of does? I've been trying to thrift pink items because I looooove green and pink together but I haven't been having much luck. This Ulla Johnson sweater would be in my closet already if I wasn't scared off by the price tag. It's the perfect shade of bubblegum pink without being too precious. Imagine it with green cargo pants? And a tan sandal? Maybe this more affordable White + Warren sweater would do? Of course, the second I give up and purchase something on the wishlist at retail I find it the next time I go thrifting. Murphy's Law and all that.

Ahem. Where was I? The tee I'm wearing in these photos is sold out in this color. They still have the umber color available which would also look really great with pink if you were the daring type. My daring bone has taken a hit here in Alaska. One day I was in Fred Meyer and a small child kept pointing at me and yelling, "That lady's wearing lipstick!" It makes Anchorage sound really weirdly backwoods but there I was, in a huge modern grocery store, getting stared at because I was wearing bright pink lipstick. I mean, if that's a risk here, imagine the implications of going out in public wearing mustard and pink together.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Instagram Roundup: April 2016

A very long time ago, when I was a teenager and was searching for anything to help me identify my identity, I read a Cosmo horoscope that said as a Libra I was either lounging on the couch for weeks on end or exercising like a crazy person (or as close as I can remember). Now, I'm not sure there's been any times when I'm not depressed that I sit on the couch for weeks on end, I'm actually kind of hyper. BUT I do ignore things for weeks and them turn my attention back to them and then do it a lot. Like this blog. :)

Madewell hat (similar here) // Aritzia cardigan // Madewell necklace (here or here) // Jamie & the Jones tee (in umber here)// H&M jeans (here) // Gucci rainboots (similar from Rag&Bone here or Givenchy here)

Target hat // Aritzia sweater (on major sale here) // vintage thermal // H&M jeans (here)// Gucci rainboots (similar from Rag & Bone here or Givenchy here)

Madewell hat // thrifted blouse (sort of similar here, here, or here)// H&M overalls (similar here or in denim here) // J.Crew Factory jacket (similar here or here) // Sam Edelman boots (similar here)

J.Crew jacket (similar here or here) // Zara dress (falling apart after 3 wears, boo) // Target leggings // Topshop clogs (similar from Rachel Comey here) // vintage Chanel purse (here or here)

Tula hat (here) // Silence + Noise tee (here) // H&M jeans (here)// Sam Edelman booties (similar from Vince Camuto here) // Madewell jean jacket (here)
If by some miracle I get back into the blogging groove you guys are going to get so sick of the Jamie and the Jones tee and the white top from Urban Outfitters. Apologies in advance.